Do You Have a Headache that Will Not Go Away?

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         Here are the 5 Reasons Why Most Headaches Don’t Go Away…

    1. The Causes Of Most Headaches Are Not Diagnosed And Not Treated!

    This is because most people insist on a “quick fix.”  This starts things off in the wrong direction.  
    Think about it.  When you went to your doctor, did you ask them to find the CAUSE of the headaches
    and help you correct the CAUSE?  

    Or, did you just tell them to make the pain go away?

    If you don’t look for the cause, the evaluation may not be thorough?  Did he or she just ask you a
    series of questions, then tell you something like, “It sounds to me like you have a tension headache,
    [or a migraine, or a cluster…] or a subluxation.  Take these pills; they should do the trick.”  Or “You
    just need an adjustment here and there and you’ll be perfect.”  Does that sound like a thorough
    examination, accurate diagnosis, or treating the cause to you?  

    2.  Drugs Don’t Fix Headaches; They Only Temporarily Hide Them!

    If you put a piece of black tape over the warning light of your car dash, without addressing the cause,
    the car might suffer very serious and long-term damage. You know you do not have a deficiency of
    Demerol® or Celebrex®.  That’s because...Celebrex® is NOT an essential nutrient your body needs.  It
    is a pharmaceutical medication.  When drugs or surgery are what you need, they are the best, and
    countless lives are saved by their help.  But if it’s not an emergency situation, take some time to look
    for the cause.

    3. You’re Overworked, Stressed Out, And Don’t See Your Life Or Job Changing Soon.  So, You
    Decided To Just Live With It.

    This is why a lot of people have headaches.  Quite honestly, their lifestyle stinks and they are not
    taking care of themselves.  Often, they simply need someone to share the solution with them.  And
    then they need to apply the solutions as much as possible.

    4. The Same Treatment Doesn't Work The Same For Everyone.  

    That’s probably common sense for you, but as doctors become more specialized, they just look at one
    part or system of the body.  If you don’t have a problem in that body part, “There is nothing we can
    do.” The sad thing is that Headaches usually have more than one cause at a time.  The main
    categories include:  Hormone Imbalance, Immune Irritation, Blood Sugar Imbalance, Muscle-Nerve
    Toxicity, and Nerve “Irritation.”

    5. Some Treatments May Actually STOP The Body From Healing Itself.

          A. For example:  A drug (anti-depressant amitriptyline) sometimes used for migraines, seems to
    make your body lose Vitamin B2.2  Amazingly, Vitamin B2 treatment cut migraine headaches in half for
    half the patients (44% more people than fake pills(placebo)).3,4  
          B. Another Example: Adjusting the joints of the neck over and over again without addressing the
    muscles or nutrition can increase tension.

    But Here’s The Good News…

    The Simple Cervicogenic Type Headache Is The Most Common,
    AND Studies have Concluded That the
    Cervicogenic Headache Surprisingly
    Responds To… Are You Ready…
    A Certain Type of Chiropractic Hands-on Care.

    What does this mean for your headache?

          Your headache (even if it’s a migraine type headache) may not be caused by problems in your
    head.  It may be problems in your neck!

          Now, there are some headaches that don’t respond to this type of a specific short-lever
    chiropractic care alone.  

          This just gets better for you — even if you have migraines!

          If your doctor also uses dietary, nutritional, & lifestyle treatments, there is...
          up to a 93% chance that your headache will:
  • hurt less,
  • hurt less often,
  • or go away completely!4, 6-10

    Wow, that is incredible!  So, what’s the catch?  The catch is that no one is going to do it for you.  If you
    want to fit into that 93% category of hurting less or not at all, you must really want to be pain-free.  

    That’s because the cause of the headache is at least partially caused by something you are doing
    right now.  Once you and your doctor find out what it is, your doctor must address this with treatment
    and help you make lifestyle changes as necessary.

    --- initially written by Dr. Jay Hobbs  for publication in the Visalia Times Delta

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